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 My #1 most precious commodity: Time 
Written by Jen Molitor
Time. My #1 most precious commodity! Time with family, to cook, to exercise, to play, to work, to sleep.

I'm working through a new course called, F.A.S.T Focus & Control Time Mastery. I love some of the gems I'm learning. 

Here's one:

Talent is everywhere. It's not rare.

Grit is the rarest thing in the world.

Most people set the intention to do a project or achieve a goal, though only 3% see it through 'til the end. The difference between the 3% who get it done and the 97% who don't = GRIT.
I'll be contemplating how to teach my students how to be more gritty. And me too! 

Grit: The ability to decide on a course of action, and see it through to the end. (Angela Duckworth)

So it's grit, sticking it out when it's not convenient or fun anymore, that's gonna help us achieve our goals.

So let's get gritty with it! :) (Will Smith + grit)

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Jen Molitor:

 is a Renegade Teacher, on a mission to get people fired up about improving our education system and lifting up educators so they can help our children reach heights once thought impossible. She believes we can change the face of education through storytelling, rich discussions, taking advantage of teachable moments, and cultivating meaningful relationships. Education should be student-centered, not test-centered.

She LOVES connecting with her audience through stories, humor, and her humbling experiences as a teacher, mom, and wife. Ready to hear an innovative approach to changing education- both for parents and teachers? .
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